Saturday, June 13, 2009

male and female ..obra 1942 pollock

El rojo encendido ...a continous emulation of fluid movements , bright eyed almost clueless like female... male mathmatician in somber greys in his equation in rigid linear stems...I'm saddened since fantasy and reality have a undestructable barrier as sanity and insanitydoes in our everyday life....Pollock one of the few artists that can hold my attention ...I fall helplessly into his swirls and lines for answers not to understand or make composition of his work but his emotions in every stroke...I grind my teeth as i follow those rigid lines-------------------I do believe the unconscious can be expressed when we let ourselves go and let our inner passion submerge from those crevices molded by our social strict structures...female and male isn't the foundation in this painting as the subconscious and the conscious is what I see..Like the painting ,I decided to splatter my thoughts without much calculations just mental flows..

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