Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New York City "This could be you"

I stepped into the train and notice civilians complaining that this gentleman took their seats .... He is protesting that he doesn't have a place to sleep
You are out of a seat and he is without bed ...This christmas can you find it in your hearts to think of someone other than yourself? Can you please stop complaining about the less fortunate and be grateful for what you have... I think being homeless is bad enough and listening to your ANNOYING comments only makes matters worst.Don't judge a man until you've walked a million miles in his shoes because someday this could be your father , your uncle or worst case scenario "THIS COULD BE YOU"....Usted no tiene asiento porque el no tiene casa!


  1. That's each one of us, yes. You're right in every word! Big hug to you!

  2. Let Him be inside him self what we have to do is Brite more with love so we can be in a different path than he´s but in the same time we extend our energy our blessings towards he´s aura so we can chear life and we will grow.

    Real Life Example

    Franc Flores
    Cancun Mexico