Sunday, May 17, 2009

My relationship with self

Internal conflicts are to be dealt with head on . Self is the one individual that you have to face everyday ..I speak to myself of all my pending questions.I ask me "Deborah ,is this the best you have to offer me?"." Deborah are you settling ?"."Self haven't you accumulated enough and will all you've gather weigh you down? ". "What are you afraid of?". Am I really free or do I secrectly think my shoes define me? I've a purpose ...I don't want to be a loaf of bread !I want to be carved wood.I want to pound on self and test my limits ...I need to cleanse my system of this worthless program previously installed to make me just another brick on a wall.I need to take the road least travelled and I won't stop till I am completly redefined. I will not rest till I destroy the doubt ,the fear, the vanity diminishing my growth.I need to acknowledge the difference between the things I can change and those I have to accept.Self control .I will not let anyone tell me I am too hard on self since self can endure more than I permit out of cowardness .

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