Friday, May 29, 2009

I am your Angel

..I've no choice but to ignore this urge since I've agreed to stay in New York till mid June. I begin to slide my leg into my trousers but I'm interrrupted by the annoying tone of our phone..My assignment has been cancelled .I throw my freshly pressed trouser into the closet and grab my comfort jeans , a crispy white tee and flip flops.I head to the room where I've my pliers and prepare to make a new pair of earrings ..I feel a sense of relief knowing I will be dedicating time to my craft. I get my fully charged Ipod and begin to pull up my window as to unleash the stale air and welcome cool morning breeze in this place immediatly a wild breeze rushes in brushing my inner thighs and I stop..My mind jump starts my memory and I close my eyes willingly ready to press play on that dusty reel of my past.I'm once again in Colombia wakened by the sound of my old spaniard doors being pryed open...I open one eye to help me depict this beam of light slowly breaking the darkness in my room, door hinge screech and a dark silouhette stands before me in a smokey fog surrounded by a 3 dimensional beam like glacier shaped quartz holding a ,Angel? ....Gabriel pauses as to give me time to acknowledge his presence all the while letting in a cool eucalyptus smell that bring me to an abrupt awakening ... I reach for my covers ,lazily sit up on the bed "You looked like an angel" I said...He chuckles ...You must still be dreaming>>he replies....,streaks of blinding light surround your frame transforming you into an angel submerging from a large crevice in my room ...I explained .He smiles and cups my chin in his hands .Yes ,yes I'm your Angel! I grin in satisfaction and welcome him into my covers ;;THE END.........Wait !!! Returning from my mental time travel I'm back in the States

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